The company Parker Poland is a subsidiary of AH Parker & Sons (GB) Ltd, which was founded in 1886, incorporated in 1940 and active in Poland since the early 1970s.

Over the years, Parker has become a well-established manufacturer and supplier of Rigid Inflatable Boats, with size range from 5.1 to 16 m open or cabin versions.

Using the experience and skills from the production of the Parker Rigid Inflatable Boats, the company entered the market of sport, leisure and fishing boats. These range from 6 m sport cruisers, to 11 m family leisure boats, and already now includes 12 different models.

To meet the ever-changing requirements of the global markets, Parker are introducing new models every year. This is all based on positive feedback received from our Customers and Dealers.



Browse through PARKER’s wide range and pick the boat you really need.

Going leisure boating? Opt for a Day Cruiser [DC], Bow Rider [BR] or even an Open [Sport] version.

Expert fishing is your game? Consider the Pilot House and Open models in the Fishing version.

Combining leisure AND fishing? You’ll enjoy the Weekend model if your scale tips more to the leisure side; or try one of our hybrid models like the 760 Quest, 790 Explorer, or even Parker’s newcomer, the 920 MAX.


In 2017 at the La Rochelle boat show, PARKER introduced its largest model to date:

The Monaco 110, a luxury outboard motor boat designed by Tony Castro’s firm (also available in FLY version since 2020). Later that year, at the Paris Boat Show, PARKER showcased its new sporty day cruiser: the Voyager 850. Inspired by its undeniable popularity, PARKER soon brought out its little sister: the Cruiser 800.


Key PARKER Highlight:

From 7m onward, all boats are equipped with a double-step hull, allowing them to plane quickly even on a single engine. Most boats of the same size require 2 motors to achieve the same performance level. This major asset also allows for comfortable cruising in rougher seas without slamming into the waves.

Overall, the Parker Boats are praised for their innovative shape, outstanding sea keeping abilities and most of all superb quality and sturdiness.



  1. High overall Quality clearly above market standards in that category: infusion moulding (the most advanced technology enabling both extreme robustness and lightness), inox 316, etc.
  2. Refined design and well thought out decks: sit up to 6 people at the table on your 6,3m or even up to 15 on a 920!
  3. Wide customisation choice: hull (167 color options), covering, upholstery and materials.


Comprehensive list of warranties on request: contact us.