Yachting Vietnam has opened in 2020 the first yacht showroom in Vietnam located in District 7, HCM City.



We are selling new and secondhand boats... We also provide all services needed by the boat owner : teaching, boat maintenance and parking, charter, reselling..


Let's visit us for a first yacht showroom in Vietnam and have boat experience with us. ONLY IN VIETNAM


We are exhibiting Regal and Parker with all kinds of boat: small; big: speedboat, a  yacht or cruiser, multi-task boats: fishing, leisure... It's a boat with a cabin, including kitchen, bedding, toilet…targetting families who want to escape for a few days.


Showroom Yachting Viet Nam at Saigon South Marina Club, District 7, Hochiminh City is an airy space, luxury restaurant, marina, water sport Jetski, SUP... 

You can try a Speed boat?  A speed boat is an ideal choice to enjoy a day on the river!  for speed addicted, for young who enjoy life, who want to live differently… for people enjoying water sport; and chilling an afternoon on the river. When boating means PLEASURE

Or you may prefer a  yacht or cruiser? its a boat with a cabine, including kitchen, bedding, toilet…targetting famillies who want to escape for few days. Or for a couple looking for quality moments together. A yacht will always means  FREEDOM and liberty with people you love!

Or you may prefer a Fishing boats? We have your dream boat:  A boat will all options needed for the fisher to reach the ocean and remote island: fish tank; fish rod holder, gyrostabilizer(seakeeper)…


Yachting Việt Nam also provide to you 5 STAR PACKAGE: we do everything for you! 

⭐ Boat teaching: you will learn from the experimented captain; to become your own captain! We even can lend you a boat while waiting for yours to be ready !!

⭐Maintenance: we will support gasoline refuel; cleaning and basic maintenance. Make sure your boat is always ready for an adventure!

⭐Berthing and parking. We can pull your boat out of the water into a parking, or let it in water into several marinas in town.

⭐boat reselling. We swap your boat if you want to change after an year or 2. or we can help you to resell it.

Yachting Vietnam is a dedicated and experimented team. 

Welcoming you everyday at Saigon South Marina Club.



CONTACT US FOR BOOKING: 0987769960 - 0902.89.89.38 


Showroom Yachting Việt Nam: 9A, Tran Van Tra, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, Hochiminh City. 





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